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Three Solo Exhibitions​

Wiess Anat           I 10.3.22 - 20.3.22
Doron Fishbein    I 24.3.22 - 3.4.22
Dana Nechmad    I 7.4.22 - 17.4.22

Almacén Gallery returns to present three solo exhibitions as part of segments.

This will be the second time in which the gallery holds fast display exhibitions by contemporary artists that present works from recent years.

The move is intended to allow a greater number of exhibitions for different artists, hence the rapid turnover. After the success of the first cluster, segments become a tradition that will be repeated once or twice a year.


Wiess Anat

Curated by Ori Carmely

The exhibition features artworks from the past three years in which Weiss returned to painting after almost three decades of creative silence.
The paintings, made of graphite, charcoal, and white gesso, show tangled and bright sights. Images of ruined buildings are hastily painted, coalescing and disintegrating above and below layers of gesso in charred white tones. For Weiss, the gesso is a kind of "white ash, the kind that rises when a building explodes." The painting is complemented by pencil and charcoal work, repetitive scribbles turn textures and arches adorn the painted fragments.

Doron Fishbein 

The process reflects by the artworks produces a thought about the coherence of visual perception in relation to objects. Our visual perception has been practiced throughout our lives by classifying physical bodies with shape and color as "objects". Naming a physical body is an action intertwined with this perception and thus in our consciousness the object becomes purposeful, that is, an “accessory”. The artworks in this series produce ambiguity in relation to the above individual perceptions, that is - an image that is perceived in our minds as almost an object or "a little more" than an object, or perhaps even as a meta-object.

Doron Fishbein is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Israel. His creative processes are characterized by the processing of visual representations of various aspects of Israeli culture as well as questions dealing with the psychology of visual perception related to different genres in the field of painting.

Dana Nechmad

Mother and Child is a series of watercolors and embroidery centered around Dana’s relationship with her son and was made during the Covid-19 lockdowns. She chose to work with watercolor to mimic this intensive blending. In some of the works, an echo of thread was added to the figures, piercing the paper in geometric shapes that go against the fluent watermarks. In due course, the figures are abandoned completely and only the thread is left as a coded emotional tracing of the image.

Dana Nechmad is an interdisciplinary artist working with painting, drawing, and embroidery. She is interested in moments of emotional threshold. Through figurative, abstract, and textual gestures, Nechmad brings to the surface the internal marks experienced within the female body.

Exhibitions Credits:


Curatorial and production: Yaniv Lachman

Graphic Designs: Avihai Mizrahi

Documentation: Tal Nisim

Mounting: Kobi Davider and Valery Bolotin

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