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Daphna Noy

Curator: Bar Goren

5.1.23 - 5.2.23

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The solo exhibition of Daphna Noy focuses on both the human body and matter, as she explores their physical transformation in space and time. Noy comes from the world of dance and choreography, and the body is a key motif in her work, in which she examines its movement in the social, cultural, and architectural spheres. In this exhibition, she enters the garage – a grimy space full of heavy machines, associated with the male realm. This is not, however, just any garage, but the one in the kibbutz where she grew up; a garage that her father managed for many years. Noy uses its typical actions and mechanics as tools for discovery and study.

Daphna Noy was born in Kibbutz Gazit (1985), and lives and works in Tel Aviv-Yafo. She holds an MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, a B.Dance degree with a specialization in choreography, and a teaching certificate from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Her works were exhibited at Gdynia Market Hall (Poland), Llorar Gallery (Mexico), the Florentine Quartet (Tel Aviv-Yafo), and Sh'ach 6 (Tel Aviv-Yafo). Noy participated in multiple artist residency programs including AZ-WEST (artist program Andrea Zittel, California), SOMA (Mexico), and Exercising Modernity (Israel-Poland-Germany). For the research and development of her project, 'Daily Choreographies' she received a grant from Exercising Modernity. Parts of this project were presented in a solo exhibition at Gdynia, Poland. Noy is currently teaching at the Jerusalem  Academy of Music and Dance.

Exhibition Credits:

Curator: Bar Goren

Graphic Design: Avihai Mizrahi

Documentation: Tal Nisim

Article: Hila Shemer

Text editor: Orna Yehudaioff

English translation: Sivan Raveh

Mounting: Valery Bolotin

Production: Yaniv Lachman

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