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Works from the 
Ron Ohayon collection

Curator: Yaniv Lachman

7.4.23 - 20.4.23

Almacèn Gallery is pleased to present a sale of works from the unique collection of Ron Ohayon.

Ohayon (b. 1984), a third generation of antique furniture dealers in Jaffa, discovered a passion for art as an adolescent. He says: “At 16 I went one day to my father’s shop at the flea market and bought a painting from one of the nearby shops. It was an abstract painting that I liked very much, and which stayed with me for many years. After my army service I visited that place very often, and one time a man came by wanting to sell the contents of an apartment. He had some paintings that l liked, so I bought them. Only later did I discover that one of the paintings was by a famous Polish artist with a market value. That moment was for me a consolidation of my choice, and since then I wanted to make my living from art dealing, along with a great love I developed for art in general and painting in particular. Looking at works of art is for me a form of therapy and a way to deal with life. I visit all the important exhibitions displayed in museums in Israel and abroad, in auction houses, and in galleries, where I meet gallerists and collectors.”  

In 2006 Ohayon established Jaffa Gallery where he presented Israeli and international art in a variety of styles and periods. The works on display were purchased in auctions, flea markets, and local and foreign collections. In 2013-2015 he presented several exhibitions from the collection, including works by Raffi Lavie, Pinchas Cohen Gan, David Handler, and Sima Slonim. 

In 2016 Ohayon moved to a different space in Jaffa, which serves as his home and gallery, and in which he holds auctions and meetings with collectors and other people of interest. In the coming year, he is planning to present several small exhibitions at the gallery.

The present exhibition at Almacèn Gallery displays works on sale from the collection. The ensemble of works reflects an admiration for various trends in modern art – abstract, figurative-abstract, geometric-abstract, and conceptual art – from the 1950s to the 1990s. Most of the works are on paper, along with rare works of sculpture by different artists, including Benni Efrat, Pamela Levy, Marga Cohen, Larry Abramson, Yaacov Agam, and Michael Argov.

Exhibition Credits:

Graphic Design: Avihai Mizrahi

Documentation: Tal Nisim

Text editor: Orna Yehudaioff

English translation: Sivan Raveh

Mounting: Gili Natan

​Special thanks to Orit Porat.

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