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Michal Sophia Tobiass

24.11.22 - 25.12.22

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In the exhibition Eye of the Mountain, Michal Sophia Tobiass presents for the first time paintings inspired by cave drawings and ancient Egyptian mythology. The paintings are set in a constellation made of holes in the gallery walls. The exhibition is dedicated to her uncle Michel Tobiass, after whom she is named, a painter who was killed in a car accident at a young age, before he managed to realize his destiny.

Michal Sophia reconstructs the star constellation at the moment of Michel's death by perforating the gallery walls, yet she also changes the constellation by banishing the sun and all the major planets – the moon, Jupiter, Venus, etc., replacing them with her prints – repositioning the suns and stars she created in the sky of his death. 

Michal Sophia Tobiass (b. 1985, Jerusalem) works in sculpture, dance, photography and print. She is the recipient of the Emerging Artist Prize from the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport (2019), and the Jerusalem Mayor Prize for Final Project Excellence (2012). She studied in the MFA program at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2016) and the Photography Department at Musrara – The Naggar School of Art and Society (2012). Tobiass has had solo exhibitions at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art (2022), Dana Gallery for Art (2020), the Tel Aviv Artists' Studios (2019), Basis Gallery (2016), and the Ramat Gan Museum for Israeli Art (2013). 

Exhibition Credits:

Graphic Design: Avihai Mizrahi

Documentation: Tal Nisim

Text: Hila Cohen-Shneiderman

Text editor: Orna Yehudaioff

English translation: Sivan Raveh

Mounting: Valery Bolotin and Mor Afgin

Production and curatorial advisor: Yaniv Lachman

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