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A Lying Sun
Anna Mirkin
Katharina Trudzinski

Gouws and Helen-Sophie Mayr

In collaboration with Im Turm Galerie Berlin

27.4.23 - 4.6.23


The title of the exhibition, A Lying Sun, refers to a promising bright winter sun, yet one that gives no warmth. In the same way, Katharina Trudzinski and Anna Mirkin play with the notions of the appearance of the digital and physical realms. Together they explore the relationship of these two realities that are perpetually evolving in tandem: one catering to our five senses, the other to our fantasies.


Katharina Trudzinski’s sculptures are somewhat digital in her choice of bright, unabashed colors flowing seamlessly into each other. In her practice, she places these sculptures in muted urban landscapes, where they seem like digital appearances, taking a step from physical into digital reality.


Anna Mirkin's work, on the other hand, digitally digests the physical urban landscape and reintroduces it to the viewer in an altered physical form. The process starts with Mirkin scanning physical objects in urban environments to create digital versions of those objects. Secondly, the objects are unfolded, unwrapped, or digitally altered. Finally, the digital objects are reintroduced into the physical realm by printing onto physical fabrics. 


The first part of the exhibition A Lying Sun was in Berlin in 2022, the second is taking place in Tel Aviv in 2023. For both exhibitions the artists collaborated in exploring the ambivalent space that overlaps both the digital and the physical realms. In their choice of imagery – bougainvillea bushes, motorcycles, and plastic chairs, to name a few – clearly refer to the immediate surroundings of the two exhibition venues: Galerie im Turm in Friedrichshain, Berlin, and Almacén Gallery in Jaffa. Merging items from the two cities in the gallery space, the artists create a playful, shimmering colorful installation for visitors to experience. The interweaving of analogue content into digital spaces and vice versa entices the eyes with captivating glitches scattered throughout the exhibition.

Exhibition Credits:


Curators: Yolandé Gouws and Helen-Sophie Mayr

Graphic Design: Avihai Mizrahi

Documentation: Tal Nisim and Daniel Hanoch

Text editor: Orna Yehudaioff

Hebrew translation: Sivan Raveh

Mounting: Gili Natan

Production: Yaniv Lachman

Special thanks to Kfir Mualem and Ofri Lapid

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