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Three Solo Exhibitions

Alma Mia Hadas27.5.21 - 6.6.21
Shade Twafra       I 10.6.21 - 20.6.21
Drora Dominey   I 24.6.21 - 11.7.21


“Segments” - Three short solo exhibitions of recent works by contemporary artists. 

Almacén has taken this step to present more exhibitions by a greater number of artists, thus the shorter length of each show.


The series of exhibitions opens with works by Alma Mia Hadas, an artist who lives and works in Tel Aviv. Her minimalistic, delicate style, at once bold and unexpected, is what led me into dialogue with her and which created a connection and mutual trust. 

Alma will show drawings on paper of various types and sizes with other works on readymades.


Shade Twafra works from Kfar Maghar in northern Israel. His works have intense emotionality. Gaps and sometimes difficulties in communicating with him led us to skip over the usual means of mediating the artist-gallerist dialogue. He is an emerging artist, yet his works seem like antique creations.          

Shade’s exhibition will be mostly paintings on unstretched canvas. 


Highly esteemed veteran artist Drora Dominey will close this series with a sculpture and installation expressing the concealed and revealed. Her oeuvre parallels the wheels of time and consciousness with its steady, continuous assimilation. Her installation will be open to the public for three consecutive weekends.


Curatorial and production: Yaniv Lachman

Graphic Design: Avihai Mizrahi

Photography: Tal Nisim

English Translations: Judith Appleton

Arabic Translations: Elham A Hamedeh

Mounting: Koby Davider

Donkey's Burial I Drora Dominey

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Text by Ido Gordon

Text Editing: Arnon Ben-Dror

Special Thanks to Prof. Ron Margolin

and Laura Lachman

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