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Tali Navon

Curator: Yaniv Lachman

7.7.22 - 13.8.22

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The current exhibition is a continuation of two previous shows, which wandered in the footsteps of time, memory and archives. Imaginary, invented archives were juxtaposed with existing archives. The invented archive offers a new point of view that seeks to illuminate the past and construct new outlooks. These insights relate to the place of individuals within communities, cultures and societies, and humanity at large.The invented archives seek to find a common denominator for all humankind. Naturally, this means that they blur or cancel ethnic differences and national boundaries and are infused with a cosmopolitical air. Every person can find their place within them, just as the planet and the universe are their place; and being part of humanity marks their overall communal belonging. The original archive is therefore stripped of its classical properties. The invented archive delves into the depths of the existing, purifies it and dives into its sub-context. Once this process is completed a new archive is built on its foundations. The basic idea of the existing archive is the desire to preserve forever. The new archive adds a contemporary layer that faces toward the future, keeping in mind that the invented archive will also one day be an archive of the past. 

The 2018 exhibition An Archive of the Moment at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art, was based on materials from the museum’s archive and specifically the sketchbooks of the painter Ze’ev Tishbi. The archive created to stand by these sketchbooks presented a new angle on life during war and offered possibilities for moments in time that are set in the past yet connected to the future. The language of that archive, which created possible and impossible encounters in time, was the language of drawing. At the Bialik House exhibition, Anthology Shabbat Delight, in 2019, the new archive was based on materials from the Bialik House archive. This archive addresses the forming and shaping of creation, as well as the meaning of repose. The invented archive centered on states of contemplation. 

Both exhibitions lead up to the current one, which seeks to create a new archive based on an archeological site in the village of Kalimari in Crete, which was the spiritual center of the Minoan culture on the Island some 3,000-4,000 years ago – through an installation consisting of painting, drawing, an object and video.

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