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Adam Leef

Curator: Yaniv Lachman​

28.3.2019 - 12.5.2019

Adam Leef stands on the seashore, leaning over his easel. His work unfolds like a carpet at the threshold, seeming to be on the verge of bubbling up and spilling over the top. With a rapidly moving brush, Leef investigates the secrets of the background and the mists rising up from the water gathering between the walls of his drawing. The artist’s interior noise is absorbed by the paper, causing inevitable collisions and vague blurring.


The drawings’ horizontal lines manifest slowly from out of the depths of the movement of the brush, leaving an impression of being an easy exercise. Each drawing has a different look and is never the same. The stanza in which it is composed is familiar but does not weaken through repeated use; on the contrary, the stanza becomes more intense and intelligent through the artist’s Sisyphean labor.


Adam Leef stands on the seashore, leaning over his drawing. It is sunset. He and the sea merge into a storm and the resulting foam. A firm silence is about to commence, glazed and innocent of the travails of nature. It is the drawing, with Aegean memories at its surface.

Light and space are among the pillars of Adam Leef's creative work. Space serves not only as a physical space but also as a mental field for observation and contemplation. This exhibition of colorful drawings is a personal interpretation of those elements.

"Mediterranean Stanzas and Aegean memories" are Leef's learning and yearning for these pillars of expression.

Photography by Evyatar Hershtik 

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