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Three Solo Exhibitions​

Orit Porat                     I 15.6.23 - 2.7.23
David Benarroch          I 6.7.23 - 22.7.23
Naama Atai                    I 27.7.23 - 12.8.23

Almacén Gallery is happy to announce the Third edition of Segments - A display of three solo exhibitions by contemporary artists. The idea is to intend a more significant number of shows for different artists, hence the rapid turnover.

Segments have become a tradition in Almacén and have been repeated twice in the past.


Orit Porat began working on the collection of works presented in the exhibition about a decade ago.             For her, "Vertical Draft" is an expression of the time spent working on the paintings, in which there is an attempt to illustrate through a simple technique a fantasy, which translates light into matter, and shine into shadow.


Porat started her career studying graphic design in the days before the computer era, which gave her tools to develop manual skills and spatial cognition. She moved her life to the US and during her stay in California, she devoted most of her time to self-taught learning of arts and exhibited in several exhibitions in the fields of art, architecture, and typography. Currently, Porat lives and works in Tel Aviv. Her studio, whose facade is exposed to the street, brings together a rare collection of works of art, collected objects, and various materials, which reflect a unique aesthetic perception as a source of inspiration.



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The exhibition presents works from the last four years while Benarroch lived in Israel, Spain, and currently in the United States.

Benarroch's works express a sculptural language that spreads over a variety of materials, including resin sculptures, metal works, drawings, mold castings, and works on paper. The works reveal the direct physical usability of material and reflect an interest in the subjective experience of process, time, body, movement, and dialogue with space. The creative process tries to find out how material affects us and how we affect the material, and how this dynamic becomes something new: a sculpture. In these works, the artist seeks to share with the viewers moments of freedom, lack of control, and a physical and intimate connection between material and body.

David Benarroch holds a B.Des degree (2010) and an MFA degree (2017) from the Master of Arts program, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, and graduate of the study residency program at Ecole de Beauzar in Paris, ENSBA (2016).


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Solarium is the second solo exhibition for artist Naama Atai. 

In the exhibition, she will present works from recent years. Some of the works transmit a record of Atai's personal biography. This documentation, which is presented with absolute intimacy between her and the works, is made with diverse materials and different techniques.


From the exhibition text written by Jonathan Hirschfeld: "Atai's painting is not a landscape - but it is certainly a mental landscape. It is not a portrait - but it is certainly a portrait of the soul. It is not a still life - but it is certainly a natural silence. Her works are not symbolic, in the sense that it does not use accepted and common symbols to express ideas - but there are dummy symbols here; idiosyncratic symbols of a private language; Vocabulary in a language that has one speaker. Atai is an anti-idealist painter. Nothing is embellished in these works. She is an anti-conceptual painter: ideas do not enter these paintings. She turns her back to the world outside and directs her gaze to the world inside. She dreams of the painting, and when she wakes up she is not sure if it is Naama who dreamed a painting or a painting which dreamed that it was Naama: and here, in this transparent, ancient bubble, frozen in eternity, here we stand, the audience, and we get a glimpse of this poetry, which was born from whispers and came to life as a painting in the 21st century.”

Exhibitions Credits:


Curatorial and production: Yaniv Lachman

Graphic Designs: Avihai Mizrahi

Documentation: Tal Nisim

Text editor: Orna Yehudaioff

Mounting: Gili Natan

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