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Tali Benbassat

Curator: Tali Ben-Nun​

17.12.20 - 28.3.21

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Between the Supremacists’ geometric dream and the Futurists’ mechanical-urban motion, between the ghosts of the Bauhaus and Dada, between painting and photography, between the unique and the replicated – this is the space of Tali Benbassat’s prints.

Her large-scale prints and tiny collages are based on cutouts of abstract elements she folds, deconstructs, and reconstructs. As if playing with modular origami, Benbassat creates symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions, harmonious and dissonant ones, yet in each, it seems that the composition is not the essence, but rather a motion-generating element.

Grey flickers in the encounter between black and white, imbuing the compositions with the illusion of three-dimensionality, raising the forms from the flat plane to create volumetric projections, marking the zones of ambiguity. The grey is present within the solidity and opacity of the blacks and the fluid transparency of the whites, generating motion, lifting up the plane.

These compositions have no subject, no center, and no gravity. They are abstractions refusing to decode and disciplining; they come into being out of freedom and chaos, enabling each work to exist in perpetual motion: back and forth, inwards and outwards, back towards the past and forward to the future, facing and reaching viewers. Perhaps this is only an illusion, or perhaps the longed-for motion yet to come.

* The title of the exhibition is taken from Maya Bejerano’s poem “Ktav yad shel rakdan/it o choreographia shel hanefesh” [The dancer’s handwriting or, choreography of the soul], courtesy of the poet. From the book Hit’orarti belibo shel alachson [Waking at the heart of a diagonal], (Tel Aviv: Hakibbutz Hameuchad, 2009).

Motion is yet to come / Credits

Curator: Tali Ben-Nun

Graphic Design: Avihai Mizrahi

Photography: Tal Nisim

Text Editing: Merav Givoni Hrushovski

English Translation press: Judith Appleton

English Translation catalog: Einat Adi

Arabic Translation: Elham A Hamedeh

Set up: Koby Davider

Print: A.R. Printing Ltd

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