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Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson

Hybrid identity through 

language and calligraphy 

20.4.2017 - 28.5.2017

The series of works in the exhibition was conceived

at various stages of a continuous transition from

Tel Aviv to Berlin, carrying each time her multicultural and no-land background.

The artist is using diverse typography styles in different languages to create a hybrid outcome: the co-existence of multiple identities in a unified body of work. Ella Ponizovsky Bergelson, (1984) belongs to a generation and a half to emigration. She was born in Moscow, immigrated to Israel in 1991, grew up in Jerusalem and now lives in Berlin.


To the best of her knowledge, none of her family lived in more than one generation. Her family history is full of constant movement, while the process of immigration and exile is repeated.

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