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(God Speed)

The Ships on their Way

A group show, or a show by a group

Naama Bar­-Or, Ori Carmely, Maya Elran, Benjamin Mecz, and Ira Shalit

“In a corner shop located in a small alley in a big city was

a shop with different kinds of objects; some are actually parts of objects.”

Debuting the activity at Almacén, this show’s starting point was the dynamic character of the space itself and its locality. Almacén will fulfill many functions and exists in ­between a flat, a store and a gallery. In a similar manner, the works in this show are granted a triple status, of artworks/commodities/furniture. These are playful objects, full of humor, which together form a kind of a hierarchical domestic economy.


Most of the works have been done in the space itself and carry a kind of mobile or temporary presence, as some can be easily relocated. Many are made of found, cheap materials. Even though the included works are each signed off by a different artist, the show as a whole evolved from the collaborative work these five artists.


This experience is dedicated to the memory

of Benjamin Mecz. 

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