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Ernesto Levy

Curator: Ori Drumer


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Ernesto Levy, a multidisciplinary artist born in Argentina, has been active since the 1970s as he moved between Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, and Buenos Aires. Ernesto began making art and exhibiting in Israel during the 1980s. He was among the first to show “treated photographs” at a time when art photography in Israel was just beginning. Ernesto Levy was associated with Jacque Mori Katmor and the Third Eye group; his late wife, Edith Godik, had been a member of the group in the ‘70s.

The current exhibition comprises only part of Ernesto Levy’s oeuvre, displaying images that are the outcome of the hand and the light. The art that we see is the result of integrated photographic techniques, including experimental photography, manual treatment of the print, painting on the photograph, and the encounter of material with light. All of these embody the artist’s inner world, the processes of his soul, and consciousness, with his fabric of memory. It seems that the outstanding characteristic of his creative path is trial and error, evident in the works with manual touches, his materials, and the way the light projected on the material enables him to capture chance moments that cannot be pre-visualized.

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